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Home-made bread

When was the last time you backed bread?

Jan 1, 2021



Free workshop

Only for Kenwood Cooking Chef owners!

Jan 1, 2021



Dinner in Italy

Plunge into the world of Italy with us!

Jan 1, 2021



Home-made sausages

Learn with us how to cook delicious beef and pork sausages.

Jan 1, 2021


Those who inspire us

Alexandra Bulgakova

What could be more tender and romantic than wedding cakes? Alexandra is a pastry chef from cold Siberia who bakes tiered cakes. And they aren’t crumbly, you know! She isn’t afraid of complex elements and structures. The sweetness of her desserts will definitely warm you. She always has a wide range of complex architectural cakes to share with you. Would you like to know how to make a tiered cake and deliver it safe and sound? So don’t miss the chance to sign up for a workshop with Alexandra who will clear all mysteries up. You can find the schedule on our website.

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